How to cook the perfect Dorset apple cake

How to cook the perfect Dorset apple cake

While apples are abundant and cheap, it’s the ideal time to bake a classic British apple cake? But which apple variety is best and does a cheese topping work?

Apples are like winter coats. By February, we’ll be tired of the very sight of them, but right now, after a summer of soft, juicy stone fruit and berries, the crunch of a russet or the warming woolliness of a sour cooker is as thrilling as the smell of a new pencil case. And, while they are still abundant and cheap, and no one can get enough of the things, I’ve added a classic British apple cake to the usual repertoire of pies and crumbles.

I say British specifically, because when my thoughts first turned to apple cake I got excited about custardy French versions and dense, cinnamon-spiked American ones, before regretfully realising that pitting an Ottolenghi recipe with olive oil and maple icing against one from a farm kitchen in Victorian Dorset was as pointless as comparing a Barbour with a Prada shearling – both great winterwear in their own way, but they couldn’t be more different.

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Source: The Guardian

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