How to Delete Junk WhatsApp Photos Automatically

Are whatsapp images eating away phone's memory?

WhatsApp usually takes most of the memory space on our mobile phones. We are constantly receiving one or the other image be it some funny quote, some information or motivational quote. Our network of friends or should I say, our contact list, believes in this true power of sharing images day and night.

Even when you don’t really wish to download all the images through WhatsApp, depending on your internet connectivity, these images end up in your phone gallery, taking away huge space. And since they originate from your contacts, one way of blocking the senders would not serve the purpose as it may strain your relationship.

So, what would you do?

One way to clean up your phone is to go to your phone gallery, find WhatsApp images and delete the ones you think are junk, either by selecting all or one by one. Other way would be to use some File explorer for your phone, find images from WhatsApp and delete those, again either as a complete folder or selecting individual images.

Now these two methods are time consuming and if you select all for deleting, you may end up deleting even the useful ones.

Delete the Junk Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically

There is one intelligent android app called Magic Cleaner developed by Siftr, an Indian Startup (Proud already!) which does the trick without breaking a sweat. It helps you find and delete junk images from your WhatsApp swiftly.

It scans your images in WhatsApp, applies algorithm to filter out images such as cartoons, screenshots, screen grabs and memes. It automatically selects such images and gives you option to delete all or deselect the ones which you don’t want to delete.

How does it Work?

Siftr has developed its own Image Recognition Engine by which it analyses the content of images to classify them as junk or not. It requires internet connection but won’t consume too much of data as it uses a small fraction of your image to match it against the saved ones on its server.

All said and done, Experiment time!

For my experiment, I ran this app for my WhatsApp account which has 715 images. The app was able to screen those images and found 62 Junk photos. Upon observation, the accuracy was good.

The app lets you delete a fixed number of images as of now. You can invite your friends or wait for a day to increase that limit. Suffice to say, this app works well!


Magic Cleaner is a must have app on your Android phone for all your phone’s memory space and WhatsApp images optimization. Go ahead and use it.
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Chrome experiment PixelSynth translates your images into music

Chrome experiment

PixelSynth is a weird new Chrome Experiment that’s written in Javascript. It allows you to create so called Music (actually just sound waves) from either a set of pre-selected images or by uploading your own image. The sounds that are produced are nothing short of creepy but nonetheless a fun way of idling away time!

Chrome experiment

Chrome experiment PixelSynth

To get started, visit this and click on Launch Experiment. Then you enter the real chrome experiment. On right side you’ll find a control bar as shown below.

Chrome experimentSelect background image. In this case it is “night sky”. You can either select images from the drop down list or “upload from file”.

There are knobs to adjust brightness and contrast. You can alter these and there will be changes in the sounds generated. Similarly, if you click on Sound and Dram buttons (pink ones in the image above), there are options like key, speed and scale.

Long story short, this is just an experiment and be treated like that. It doesn’t produce any sweet sounding music but again, generating music from images is Cool Stuff.

Visit chrome experiments website and Have fun playing with a variety of chrome experiments like this one!