How to play YouTube videos in the background on Android

Watching your favorite YouTube video on Android Phone can sometimes be a pain especially if you wish to continue working on other apps while still being able to watch the YouTube video.

The official YouTube application for Android phones does not allow playback in the background while using other apps.

However, there are some apps that will allow you to play YouTube video in the background letting you to continue working on your android phones. Just the kind of application we have been looking for. Isn’t it?

Here I show you how to play YouTube videos in the background on your android phone.

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How to play YouTube videos in the background on Android

After you have selected and clicked on the video of your choice (via the list or the search button), a box should appear in which the video starts playing. This may take time depending on your internet speed.

Exit the app at this juncture and continue with what you were doing on your android phone. Bingo! You are able to
watch the video and surf other apps on your phone.

You can drag and drop this video box anywhere you like on your android phone screen to have minimal disturbance. After the video has been placed, just tap the [X] in the corner of the video box to close it.

Fourth Step: Select the next video

Once your video finishes playback, open the app again, select a new video and play it using the steps described above.

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