5 Music Health Benefits for a Healthier You

Music Health Benefits
Music Health Benefits for a healthier you

Ever heard of the term Music Therapy? It helps you heal. Wonder Why? Read this post on 5 Music Health Benefits to understand how and why music helps.

Music transcends all boundaries. Music has been a binding factor throughout the history of man. Whether it is chanting of ritualistic verses and healing ceremonies across cultures or the singing of lullabies by mothers to calm their babies down, music has been omnipresent.

Who doesn’t love listening to music? Whether it is on our way to work, while working out – in gym, while running, jogging – or in our free time, we just love to plug in some cool music and relax. Many of us also list it as our hobby. The choice of music might differ but it is a big part of our life.

Ever wondered why is listening to music, such a soothing experience? Music affects us in many ways and at many levels. Music can affect our mood, our outlook towards life and in turn, our health. Music health benefits can surprise you.

Music affects our health at different levels – altering our stress levels, reducing anxiety, accessing different states of our consciousness, aiding in development of brain, meditation and relaxation of the body. In short, it can improve our health in a number of ways. Listed below are five of them.

5 Music Health Benefits for a healthier you

1. Enhancement of Verbal and Visual abilities

Several studies have shown that infants who undertake musical training be it vocal or instrument based, develop better linguistic abilities. Musical training of any sort stimulates a child’s brain and enhances a child’s verbal and communication skills. Such children also possess better visual abilities and higher IQs than their counterparts who don’t take such musical training.

2. Reduction in Stress and Anxiety

Soothing music has therapeutic effects. Research has shown that patients who undergo music therapy (yes, it exists) report better blood pressure levels and slower heart rates in turn leading to lower stress and anxiety levels. Music can affect our moods positively, soothe our nerves and improve our quality of life.

3. Brain booster

Listening to music is akin to exercising the brain, especially in the old ages. Research shows that having a musical training, playing a musical instrument or just listening to music engages the brain and acts like a brain booster. Hence, the benefits of listening to music as one ages are similar to brain exercises – keeping our brain sharp and active.

4. One for the heart

Studies have shown that listening to music helps in strengthening the heart and improves recovery time in heart patients. Listening to one’s favorite music releases endorphins in the brain. Now these endorphins have a lot of positive effects ranging from reducing the perception of pain to making us feel happy and euphoric. Infact, these endorphins have an effect similar to the drug morphine without all the harmful effects.

5. Improved Sleep

Lastly, music can aid in sleeping as it has a relaxing effect; reducing our anxiety and stress levels. Listening to music can promote better sleeping patterns and peaceful sleep. In some cases music can also be used to treat insomnia.

So now you know that music can have so many positive effects on your health, go ahead, listen to some of your favorite music and relax. By the way, don’t forget to share and spread the positivity!

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  1. Music makes us optimistic, restores our confidence when necessary, keeps depression away, helps us learn foreign languages, helps overcoming certain fears, expressing emotions and so on, and so on.. And it makes us look and feel younger. It’s a secret “weapon” for a lot of people.

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